About Virtacoinworld

Virtacoinworld is a multipurpose e-commerce marketplace owned and managed by the VirtaCoin Plus Global Community. It is a platform where service providers and consumers are brought together for easy, fast, and secure transactions across various service platforms within virtacoinworld.com.

VirtaCoinworld makes it easy for individuals and corporate entities to set up businesses and offer services to a growing global community of consumers seeking to transact easily, faster, and securely using various payment options available on the VirtaCoinworld marketplace.

At virtacoinworld.com, individuals can enjoy the following services:

•  Shop for physical and digital products
•  Hire freelance services
•  Book flight tickets
•  Book hotel reservations
•  Trade cryptocurrencies (XVP/BTC/LTC/Dash/Doge)
•  Exchange Cryptocurrency to Fiat
•  Pay for goods and services using 23 supported global currencies and of course XVP (Universal)

Virtacoinworld.com supports 23 fiat currencies, to enable individuals or Companies list their  products and Services for sale in any currencies of their choice and all payments run on full escrow system.

Additionally, virtacoinworld.com provides you option to make payment using Virtacoinplus (XVP) to any individual or companies, irrespective of the currency, the product or services offered. And in case you needed XVP faster to complete certain transactions, the exchange platform is only a click away. This way you don’t have to worry about completing your payments for rendered services or purchase of products.

Whether you are a service provider (seller) or a patroniser (buyer, customer), virtacoinworld.com has you covered. Join the marketplace and experience the convenience of transacting on a fast, secure, and reliable platform. And yes, you can sure of available support to help you resolve any issues or enquires.