Return & Refund Policy



Being a safe marketplace, VirtaCoinWorld is highly dedicated to enable trusted relationships between buyers and sellers on this platform. To improve buying experience on VirtaCoinWorld, our sellers set their own return policies defining time period of returns and the method of compensation. The following information will guide you through your seller’s provided return and refund policy and show you how to initiate the return of your product.


1)            All shipments by the seller will be based on the available shipping method as chosen by the buyer during checkout. Buyer should therefore, choose shipping methods that are supported by the seller or by VirtacoinWorld.


2)            Buyer must make full payment before the seller ships to the buyer, all transactions must pass through our escrow system and any transaction made to seller outside this website, virtacoinworld will not be held responsible for the transaction.


3)            VirtacoinWorld holds the payments in escrow, until buyer receives his product and confirms acceptance of the product, before payment is released to the seller.


4)            If dispute arises after the shipment or after the buyer has received the product/products, VirtacoinWorld will hold the buyer’s fund for a maximum of 7 working days


5)            The buyer has only maximum of 48 hours to file a dispute if the product(s) received is not as described or advertised on the seller’s page, or as agreed between the two parties before shipping. The buyer will return the product to the seller but the seller will bear the full cost of the shipment of the return of the product/products. On this, VirtacoinWorld reserved the right to release the full fund on escrow to the buyer if the seller fails or is unwilling to replace the products returned by the buyer.


7)            But if the seller ships as requested or agreed by both parties and the buyer for any reason decides to return the product/products, in this case, the seller’s terms on the products stands.


8 )           On services marketplace, the service provider must work according to request or as agreed by both parties. Both party are adviced to use virtacoinworld massaging system on the platform for all discussions for successful execution of the work. The discussions between both parties are secured in our server and will be used to resolve disputes if any arises.


9)            On digital marketplace: all transaction on this part is final since digital contents cannot be retrieved once delivered. Buyers are therefore advised to check seller ratings before deciding to deal with the seller. However, to help address issues and ensure reliable and trusted sellers are on the platform, users (buyers) can be able to give their reviews after buying product or transacting with sellers.


10)          Any seller whose products are flagged 6 times, affected product(s) will be under investigation. If a seller receives over 20 flags on his products, that seller will be banned from selling or offering services in virtacoinworld


11)          This agreement supersedes all terms on the sellers page on e-commerce portal.