Visit XVP Local Market Exchange

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Visit virtacoinplus XVP local market exchange page, where you can Exchange, meet with agents who sell Virtacoinplus in your local currency. Search for sellers online, place order and chat with the seller.

Procedure for buying Virtacoinplus in the local market exchange part.

  1. Search for sellers in your choosing currency, you will see sellers who have put up their XVP for sell, you can choose from any of the sellers that his price is OK by you.
  2. Check the sellers review page.
  3. Read the sellers Terms of Trade before placing your buy order, chat with the seller.
  4. You can then enter the purchase amount, ensure you send a message to the seller and establish chat before making payment to the sellers account.
  5. Once you have transfer the fund to the sellers account, make sure you Mark payment completed.

Please Note: ensure you make your payment within the time frame giving by the seller by marking payment completed automatically secure the XVP you are buying by locking it, it will escrow with us, the seller can not have access to the fund any more, the only option remaining for the seller is to confirm your payment and release your XVP to you. If the seller refuse to release your XVP to you, you have the option to put it on dispute by submitting an evidence of payment, then the Team will look into it.