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MODERN CITY PLANNERS WORLD-VIRTAMEETIN NIGERIA: is a collection of Individuals, Professionals and institutions whose goal is to save life  through destiny boosting project, we also creates an  ideal and enabling society through  Planning, especially in the areas of  physical, social, economic, industrial, recreational, tourism, investment networking and global marketing services(e-commerce) thereby creating a modern and functioning society. We aimed to change the life of  those who are on the edge of the economic loop, bringing local products to global markets and rendering services that would otherwise be unavailable. This will help to reduce the high rate of rural urban migration and unemployment, we are always known as DESTINY BOOSTERS. We are  Virtacoinplus local agent With the mission to advance virtacoinplus promotion all over the world. VirtaMeetin Nigeria has certificate of incorporation registered under the Cooperate Affair Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Company has more than one thousand (1000) founding members. Modern city planners world-virtameetin Nigeria is on a five years development plan (VISION- 2020 DESTINY BOOSTING PROJECT)  to boost the Destiny of  low income earners(the poorest of the poor in the selected regions of the world). VirtaMeetin Nigeria is a product of GRACE, with the mission to wipe away poverty in the land and bring smiles to the faces of everyone who holds virtacoinplus. Together we shall actualize this project through You(Virtacoinplus glorious family),especially the Virtacoin World Project and VirtaMeetin Nigeria Destiny Boosting Project Coordinators. Virtameetin Nigeria  Vision 20-20 Destiny Boosting  project is coordinated  by modern city planners world